About Avi

ActivewearUSA was founded by
Avi Woolman, wife, mom, fitness enthusiast
and entrepreneur.

Avi Woolman, Founder, ActivewearUSA
About Avi

My name is Avi and I am the founder of ActivewearUSA, thank you for taking the time to visit our site.

This page never used to be so personal. It used to be a standard kind of pitch, but after begging for feedback, various folks were kind enough to tell me this page really needs to be more personal, so for what it's worth, here it is, me, opening up to the world.

I haven't spent my life in retail or for that matter practicing Yoga. My background is actually as a software developer. About 4 years ago I discovered Yoga. For me, discovering Yoga was an actual event in my life. From the first time I sat on a Yoga mat and listened to my breath - probably for the first time ever - I knew I needed to change.

So, after much thought and little sleep, I did something quite crazy and quit my job and started ActivewearUSA. This site is the result of those and many more days and nights. I personally select all the brands that we sell and use every brand that we have here. I refuse to offer anything that I don't use while I am practicing Yoga, running or working out.

My goal is to inspire women to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. We provide guidance on many activities, healthy eating and activewear. I can ask for nothing more than when we receive a call from a customer letting us know how many compliments they received wearing our activewear and they are happily recommending us to their friends. This for me is the very definition of success.

We pride ourselves on an incredible and personal service. We do our utmost to get every order out the same day and we will special order any item from the brands we carry that we don't have in at no additional cost and deliver it for free any where in the USA. As we have grown we have also increased our community involvement. Recently we have started to sponsor women's fitness focused groups up and down the country.

We are always looking for feedback on our site as well as cool Zumba, fitness, activewear or Yoga clothing brands that we should carry, so if you know of any or have a comment to make, please contact us, we would love to hear from you!

Thank you again for visiting!

Founder, ActivewearUSA