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Versatile! I have these in three colors. I'm 5" 6" 134 lbs and the Medium fits perfectly with room to move. I normally wear a size 6-8. The purple pants are two-toned and shinynot what I was expecting color-wise but I['m keeping them. Very lightweight and forgiving. Cute butt pants! ;-)

san luis obispo, ca

Be Present Tank I LOVE these tanks! I have both colors- white with grey letters, and heathered black with white letters. They're VERY comfortable, and fit so that they cover bra straps. They're long enough so that I don't need to keep pulling them down in yoga class. I wish there were even more color options! Be Present sizes run slightly large.

las vegas, nv

Review update I was so delighted with the brown pants in XL that I ordered medium currant pants. The waist on the medium is 33 inches, and I'll be able to move into them after I've lost some weight. (I can squeeze into them now since they stretch, but they're tight.) I wore the brown pants to Jazzercise today, and I can report that unlike cotton pants, they don't get all soggy and wet from sweat. They wick well and dry quickly. I forgot to mention in my last review that I am pleased with customer service. I got quick responses to my questions. (Something not related to the quality of the clothes or the customer service - I was glad to see that they send things in shipping bags designed to be reused and then recycled.)

bellefonte, pa

I'll buy these again! I like the fact that the material stretches somewhat. And I really like the two tucks at the knee. It's about time people realize what happens when we bend our knees and make pants that accommodate this. I also like the opening at the back of the bottom of the leg. Now, about the sizing. I was pleasantly surprised. I looked at the size chart and saw that the XL is supposed to have only a 33.5 inch waist. XL only 33.5 inches? If that's extra large, then just how fat am I with my 38 inch waist? Super humongous? Are these pants only for thin women? I don't intend to stay this hefty. It's non-negotiable, I must lose weight for my health. I bought the pants with the intention of shrinking into them. Surprise! The waist is actually 36 inches! And since the material stretches I had no problem getting the pants on comfortably! I can wear them now! Hooray! I was so pleased that I went and ordered another pair in a smaller size with the intention of being able to move into them when I shrink out of the larger size.

bellefonte, pa

Great Pants Very comfortable!

north providence, ri

Awesome very comfy!

north providence, ri

Be Present Yoga pants! - Love em! These pants are the best. I use them for yoga and for all around hot weather clothing - great colors - and this one with the pink lotus is quite sweet!

santa monica, ca

Love BE PRESENT I already had a pair of these pants, so I know that I loved them. Somehow, I managed to get the wrong color (my fault, not doubt) - but when I exchange them - I might just ordeeer a second pair. I use them for yoga - but also for just running around on hot days!

santa monica, ca

Love these pants! I have a pair of these but I bought these for my daughter. She likes loose comfortable clothing. These are perfect. Nice cotton fabric, drawstring waist for a perfect fit with no butt crack when she leans over and very cool for our humid weather in the northeast. I may have to buy these in every color for both of us.

fitness instructor brooklyn, ny

Pretty color and best fabric for hot weather I have many pairs of be present yoga pants in different colors and lengths. They are my best friends for my summer work outs!

new york, ny

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