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Bia Brazil Capri So cute. I was worried about the one size but they give as I am wearing them without being constricting. Unique and comfortable.

stoughton, ma

Love I love them they are so comfortable and funky and bright just how I like! Also I ordered and they shipped and I received very quickly, great service! The only little little down side was the print/colors were slightly different then the pic!

wyoming, mi

Bia Brazil are my favorite workout clothes Love these capris. They are so comfortable to wear at my workouts or going to the grocery store.Love Love Love the comfort and how they look and how you feel in them.

las vegas, nv

If you Want to go Green! Bia Brazil is a great line but it does hug the body..I have no idea what it will be to teach in going to try it in a non cardio class.Great look to pop on after class. One word of warning be sure to check the fit in back over the bra top.This garment does show every 'indulgence" Does wonders for all those dull black pants in the back of your closet. I have broad shoulders and am medium busty.

fitness instructor albuquerque, nm

capris I bought a pair of capris(ankle length) pants or tights last april and loved them(black). So I just received another pair and wore them Saturday and love them. They are comfortable and stretch to fit. I love these because they are never see through. I don't usually put them in the dryer. They get softer the more I wear and wash them. I am 5ft 3in and weight 131 lbs. My measurements are hips- 38.3/4 , waist 28.5 and thighs 22.5 and these work well

annapolis, md

Nice Leggings Very good material. Does not have a gusset, but the material with what this amazing leggins are made of will make up for it. Great color green, flattering waist band, I'll definetelly recommend it. Nice shape wear, for a long afternoon run.

new york, ny

Amazing fit So much better than Lululemon, they really hod you in and create a slimmer look. Had difficulty getting someone to call me back from the store,as I wanted to inquire about another pair in a different color.

aventura, fl

Green Brazil Capri One size fits all is good They are a bit shorter than the picture and I'm 5'3" Waist band is awesome Fabric is on the thick side but overall the capris held up through a very intense workout,

Picture Perfect! These pants looked amazing. A piece of art bold and bright. Hope you make more of them.

new york, ny

Love these pants! Never thought these would fitone size fits all, but they are very comfortable and I can move in them. Love the waistwas tired of low cut pants-these are comfortable and flattering.

sedona, az

Bia Brazil Activewear

Bia Brazil fitness wear is known for it's elegant style, fantastic fit, and superb quality fabric, making a perfect choice for hitting the gym or going out with the girls.

Bia Brazil is an essential fitness brand, made from fabric that moves with you and retains its shape and color no matter how many times you wash it!

As a well known fitness apparel brand, Bia Brazil has built a reputation on delivering an excellent quality product. Always made from Supplex, Bia Brazil fitness wear feels like cotton but has the benefits of advanced fiber technology, so it keeps you cool and dry.

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Bia Brazil Reviews

Bia Brazil Fitness Wear Bia Brazil Activewear Bia Brazil Workout Wear Bia Brazil Fitness Wear Bia Brazil Pants I love Bia Brazil Activewear!
This latest Bia Brazil Activewear range is classic! Just enough not to be plain or boring but still very sexy and cool! Perfect for working out and looking great in the gym!! Thank you for the fast shipping! - Sarah, CA

Bia Brazil Fitness Wear Bia Brazil Activewear Bia Brazil Workout Wear Bia Brazil Fitness Wear Bia Brazil Pants Perfect Fit
My Bia Brazil fitness top just arrived and it is perfect. The fit is amazing and the fabric is so soft! - Sophie, MA

Bia Brazil Fitness Wear Bia Brazil Activewear Bia Brazil Workout Wear Bia Brazil Fitness Wear Bia Brazil Pants Love the compliments!
Just got back from the gym after my first workout wearing my Bia Brazil pants! You would not believe how many compliments I received! Just ordered the matching Bia Brazil Top. Yay!! - Jen, TX

Bia Brazil Fitness Wear Bia Brazil Activewear Bia Brazil Workout Wear Bia Brazil Fitness Wear Bia Brazil Pants Bia Brazil makes me look thinner!
Bia Brazil activewear is great for working out or just going out with the girls for a drink. I love the fabric and it makes me looks thinner! Perfect length! - Ella, CO

Bia Brazil Fitness Wear Bia Brazil Activewear Bia Brazil Workout Wear Bia Brazil Fitness Wear Bia Brazil Pants Amazing Fit!
These Bia Brazil workout pants were exactly what I was looking for. They fit great, making my butt look very nice and slim my legs. These pants are wonderful and instead of making my hips/butt look bigger i look thinner! These pants are great for walking- they are comfy and don't ride up. I would recommend Bia Brazil for working out or for lounging around the house, running errands, casual wear, and active wear. I have three pairs and am always washing them so I can keep wearing them. - Jan, AZ

Bia Brazil Fitness Wear Bia Brazil Activewear Bia Brazil Workout Wear Bia Brazil Fitness Wear Bia Brazil Pants Love Bia Brazil!
These Bia Brazil pants are just what I was looking for. As an athlete I'm used to wearing baggy sweats all the time. Bia Brazil gives me the same comfort I'm used to having without sweats, and in much more sleek and feminine style so I don't feel like such a boy. - Cat, FL

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Bia Brazil

Bia Brazil Fitness Wear

The Bia Brazil selection at is made with a focus on performance and style. We have chosen the best Bia Brazil pants, tops and outfits to bring a great selection of Bia Brazil clothes that are soft, supple and breathable as well as vibrant and stylish! Bia Brazil fitness wear is designed and manufactured in Brazil from the finest, thick and sturdy Supplex. Bia Brazil is available in "one size fits most" and a 33" inseam, perfect for taller women.

What else can we tell you about Bia Brazil? Bia Brazil fabric is really to die for and that's one of the main reasons we love Bia Brazil here at! Workout hard and look great in Bia Brazil activewear! Bia Brazil is made in Brazil. If you have any questions about Bia Brazil or any of the other activewear brands we carry please do not hesitate to contact us, we would love to discuss Bia Brazil or any of the other fantastic activewear brands that we carry!

Top 10 Reasons We Love Bia Brazil

10. Bia Brazil quality is second to none. Everything from the stitching to the cut, Bia Brazil is made to perfection.
9. The Bia Brazil fabric has the cottony soft comfort of Supplex and the elasticity and fit of Lycra.
8. Bia Brazil maintains a perfect balance of elegance and style.
7. Made from performance fabric, Bia Brazil apparel is breathable, wicking and drys quickly.
6. Body slimming designs are the norm with Bia Brazil.
5. With a 33" inseam, Bia Brazil pants are great for taller women.
4. Lets admit it, there is certain energy that the Brazilians have and Bia Brazil, being made in Brazil, is no exception.
3. Bia Brazil fitness wear retains its rich bright colors, wash after wash.
2. Bia Brazil apparel retains its shape, no matter how hard you work out!

And the number one reason we love Bia Brazil...
1. There is no doubt that the compliments you'll receive wearing Bia Brazil will keep you working out and looking great!

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