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Awesome minimalist sports bra Love the moisture wicking material this is made of! Very comfortable, dries quickly, and it's a nice 'compact' style. I was worried the thin straps may cut into my shoulders, but it doesn't at all. I'm not brave enough to wear is as just a top (I know some do, and it looks great), but it's always my first choice in a sports bra when packing my gym bag.

fave sports bra! This is my favorite sports bra ever! It is a very flattering fit (no uni-boob), and the strap criss cross design in the back is really pretty. If you are big busted you might not have enough support for running. I mostly use mine for climbing and hiking.

OMG BEST HOT1 YET This top should have 10 stars. I want them in all colors. The girls almost ripped them off of me. Beware!!! It is the most flatering OFF-D-HOOK top I owned. I am truly impressed by the material, Top quality :)) xoxo

new york, ny

Fun back Cute design in the back, which was the main reason I bought this sports bra. It stood up pretty well for an "Insanity" workout but I would probably recommend this bra more for something lower impact - particularly if you are a B cup or greater. The fabric is a bit lighter/thinner than some of the popular/commercial brands we see so much of today - so it could be considered a little less modest if it were chilly out! Overall, I'm not dissatisfied (only worn it once so far), but I would probably choose a heavier duty style in the future.

fitness instructor millis, ma

The perfect activewear bra This bra holds even in the craziest jumping activities (trampoline jumper here!)! It is tight, but very soft on skin at the same time. The color is super bright and lovely, and pairs well with any top. Showing underneath a piece it only adds to the effect, I love it!

ActivewearUSA charlotte, nc

Beautiful and comfortable bra I wish all bras were like this! It is elegant, comfortable and holds perfectly (even on a trampoline!). The neckline allows for any sort of top to cover it, and the material is really good. I'd recommend it for all types of workout.

ActivewearUSA charlotte, nc

Coverage and style Well made, comfortable, stylish, and supportive. But I had to return yellow bc a tad too see through for hot yoga. Can't wait to get orchid

memphis, tn

Sports bra Comfortable fit. I used my reward. Thanks!

everett, wa

NUX knows their stuff! this bra is my new #1 sports bra. Material is so soft. Fit is perfect, support is A#1 and it is hard for me to find a good fit b/c I am a C-D cup but small through torso. The LRG fits perfect. Wore during spin class and forgot I had it on it was that comfortable!!!Definitely recommend as a must have in wardrobe. I am ordering more colours. Nux knows their stuff. TFenn Canada

scarborough, on

Love it!!! I love this top best fit ever!!!!

fitness instructor fredericksburg, va