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Who Are GoLite Footwear?

Born of a love for life in the great outdoors, GoLite Women's Footwear combine performance-led design, shoe-making experience and award-winning technology for a range of shoes which go beyond expectations. The brand is part of the New England Footwear family, with headquarters based in a historic building that was once a shoe mill, in Newmarket, New Hampshire.

GoLite Women's Shoes are focused on answering the specific demands of outdoor activities and travel. Melding durability and high-performance styling GoLite Women's Shoes feature Soft Against the Ground Technology throughout the collection for the ultimate in sports shoe design.

The GoLite Footwear Brand Philosophy

The idea behind the GoLite women's shoe range is to provide shoes which offer the ultimate in comfort and performance. Whether you are training for an event, enjoy hiking during your leisure time or are involved in outdoor sports at a competitive level, your footwear can make or break the experience, and GoLite Footwear aim to ensure that your shoes won't let you down. GoLite's designers take their cues from the human body, to bring you a collection of outdoor performance footwear which aids easier, more natural movement. Inspired, ground-breaking and ready for anything, GoLite Women's Footwear will revolutionize your outdoor experience.

Why Are GoLite Women's Shoes Different?

When it comes to choosing shoes for trail running, hiking and other outdoor pursuits, there are many options available - so why choose GoLite womens shoes? GoLite Footwear's unique Soft Against the Ground platform is the reason why this brand demands attention. Light-weight, protective and comfortable, this intuitive ergonomic design provides improved grip and stability for better performance and an improved outdoor experience, whatever your sport of choice.