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So comfortable I've been looking for a decent sports bra for tennis forever. I used to buy Kalyx but they are out of business. I spent so much money trying out bras and always uncomfortable. The straps always hurt. These straps, whilst supportive can be adjusted. No wire, loads of support.

wellington, fl

Fit and Support This is the 2nd time I have purchased this bra. I liked it so much, I came back for more. It fits me well, is super comfortable, and provides all the support I need to exercise. It is my favorite daily bra as well.

estacada, or

Nice fitting sports bra I like the design and fit of these sports bra comfortable and just the right support. The white colour is good for lighter coloured top.


Solves the Bounce I loved how this bra locked the girls down! It really stopped the bouncing, but it wasn't too tight or uncomfortable. Just not enough padding in the cups, so I had the same problem with nipple show through as another reviewer noted.

not bad A decent jogging bra for my size34E. I wish someone would make a bra without any stretchy stuff on the straps. These had it in the back but supported better than I thought when I opened the package. Champion used to make a good one but they have discontinued it. In my quest to find a replacement this one comes the closest.

hospers, ia

perfect sports bra I LOVE this sports bra. It does everything I need, minimize bounce, prevents uni-boob, straps stay in place and is comfortable.

mason, oh

Does not separate double D's This one I am returning. I compared it to the Shock Absorber D+ Max and it lost. First of all, be aware that this bra does not separate. You will be mashed together unless you separate with a balled up paper towel or the like. As far as keeping big breasts stationary, I could detect no improvement over the Shock Absorber D+ Max. I tested both this running bra and the Shock Absorber D+ Max bras by jogging through the house and jumping on the rebounder. Since the Shock Absorber D+ Max is sooo comfortable, separates, and supports equally as well, I'm sticking with it. Also know that this running bra's top clasp does feel different from regular straps. Not uncomfortable, just takes a little getting used to if you are not used to this style. I likely would have kept the bra if it had separated. According to my tests, being mashed together in a running bra does not keep big breasts any more stationary than the Shock Absorber D+ Max.

fitness instructor dickinson, tx

I don't want to take it off! So lifted, separated, secure, and comfortable that I don't want to remove it. I think it is even better than my underwire Wacoal sports bra for jumping and running. I tested the Shock Absorber by jogging through the house and jumping on the rebounder. Don't expect perfectly stationary (at least not if you're carrying double D's. However, this is a fantastic bra. Let me reiterate that this bra does separate. So many bras just mash the breasts together. This one is a keeper.

fitness instructor dickinson, tx

2xu Femme Tri Top Bought the black tank first loved it so much I just bought this sports bra love love the color. i I am planning on buying the entire collection. The fit is great and the material feels amazing.

strongsville, oh

holds the girls in place! This bra is very good for eliminating bounce. I think it runs a little smaller than most, so shop accordingly. It is a little hard to get on, but once you're in it, you don't have to worry about going anywhere!

The Basics of Sports Bras: Getting Your High Impact Sport On Comfortably

Flat-chested or big-busted, A - DD, no matter how you define your breasts, we all need a good high impact sports bra for sports like running, tennis or mountain biking. In fact, there's actually a scientific explanation for why a supportive sports bra is necessary. Women have Cooper's ligaments, those suspensory ligaments that essentially hold up your breasts and keep their size and shape no matter during all forms of movement. Once those ligaments are stretched, there's no going back to perky. A good, high impact sports bra protects those ligaments from stretching. A really great bra is both supportive and comfortable.

Minimizing the "bounce factor" is slightly different depending on cup size. A and B cups can go with compressions bras that compress the breasts against the chest for restricted movement. The ones with a scoop back or racer back are perfect for this size. But do avoid thin, spaghetti straps that provide little to no support.

C and D cups should go with compression/encapsulation bras that tend to be both supportive and comfortable. Encapsulation bras have separately molded cups for each breast. So while compression bras that minimize the up and down bounce, encapsulation bras reduce up and down bounce and the bounce in other directions. Working as a team, encapsulation/compression bras work nicely for a C cup on a long run or a D cup biking through the mountains.

Stick to encapsulation bras if you are a D cup and above. A recent study conducted for the annual meeting for the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences researched women with bra sizes from A to JJ as they performed all sorts of high impact exercise. They found that the bounce factor of women's breasts during exercise moves a vertical distance of up to around eight inches. If a pair of D cup breasts weigh about 15 to 23 pounds, they are definitely going to need the support an encapsulation bra offers.

Comfort is a necessity for women of all breast sizes. The first element of comfort is band comfort. The bottom edging of the bra that gives you support is the band. Wider bands are much more supportive than sports bras with thin bands. It shouldn't be so tight that it digs into your skin but not so loose that it leaves a gap anywhere. Shoulder straps go by the same principle - the wider, the better. Straps should have minimal stretch, but don't cut into your sensitive shoulders. There shouldn't be any gaps under the underarms or the front top seam of the bra. Above all, shoulder straps should fit comfortably.

You'll also want to check out the underwire of your sports bra. It should be flexible enough to move with your body when you lunge across the tennis court. Finally, be aware of the bra's material. You want a wicking fabric that keeps the moisture away from your skin to avoid irritation and odors.

Compression, encapsulation or a combination of the two, there sports bra is best suited for you. has a wide variety of comfortable bras of all varieties that will allow you to engage in your choice of high impact sports.