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Doesn't bounce Great belt that doesn't bounce and was big enough to hold my iPhone and two gels.

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Hydration Packs and Bottles for Active Walkers

In grade school we learned that the body can exist without food for about 8 weeks, give or take, provided that body is in good health. Water is a whole different story. A person in fairly good shape and in moderate conditions can most likely live for only 3-5 days without any water. Clearly hydration is essential for everyday living, much less for athletes and active persons. Staying hydrated is even more important during exercise, when fluid intake is necessary for regulating body temperature, keeping the joints juicy and allowing the body to move at its optimal performance levels. Tools like hydration packs and bottles are necessities for the active walker and runner. They allow you to keep moving while engaging in your favorite fitness activity.

Long walks on the trails or city streets are great for your body, mind and spirit. Avoiding dehydration will allow that walk to be powerfully effective for your overall health. Studies show that that athletes who lose too much fluids force their hearts to work harder to circulate blood. This can lead to muscle cramps, dizziness, fatigue and even heat stroke. Your best bet to ensuring you remain hydrated is to carry your fluids on your person, specifically around your waits. Waist packs like Fuel Belt's Crush Bottle Carrier has an adjustable waistband that allows you to carry your water comfortably and bounce-free. With a 22oz leak proof bottle, this hydration pack and bottle lets you hold enough water for a solid fitness walk. It comes with pockets for your gels, keys and cash, too.

Another hydration option for your waist is the Revenge Series R20, also by Fuel Belt. Two bottles fit neatly in molded holsters, allowing a one-handed removal and replacement that's quick and efficient. It's lightweight and available in all sorts of brilliant colorways designed by top endurance athletes.

If you're not a belt kind of person, you can always rely on water fountains and gas stations for liquid fuel. But most likely you won't end up stopping, so why run the risk of getting dehydrated? You could map out your walk or run and strategically leave bottles out on the course, or you could try the palm held hydration systems like the Sahara Palm Holder. Held in your palm snugly with a fully adjustable strap, it carries a 22 oz bottle with a wide mouth for easy refilling on the go. It has a pocket for your small items, too. For those who don't like the feel of a waistband hydration pack and bottle, this is a great alternative.

Power walker, runner or trail racer alike simply need water to get the most out of their workouts and to feel strong while they do it. Staying hydrated is the key! Use hydration packs and bottles to restore the water you lose through sweat and through simply breathing. With the variety of packs and bottles available to you on, there's no reason why you shouldn't stay a lean, mean hydrated machine!

Always consult a doctor before starting any exercise program.