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Ahhhh :) Out of the box comfort and fit like an old trusty favorite. Bought right before going out of town for a work convention with lots of standing and walking. Feet/legs did not hurt once- amazing.

Love them The sandals are so comfortable. I have fibromyalgia and they help my knees and ankles so much!

racine, wi

Sandals I live in flip-flops all summer and am always looking for a pair that's comfortable. Juil Heras look like they will fill the bill. They're pricey, but much preferable to having multiple sandals that you can't wear.

carson city, nv

Juil Sandals - Staying In Touch With What Matters

Juil Sandals Fashion and comfort may seem like reason enough to purchase a pair of Juil sandals, but that's only the beginning. Not only will you look and feel good wearing Juil sandals, you will likely notice something more. In fact, you may actually feel more grounded and more connected to the world around you. Juil is a unique expression of what happens when you combine common sense and fashion sense with an understanding of the natural world to create something that enhances wellness and well-being at core levels.

What's Beneath Your Feet?

The surface of the earth is teeming with an ever-replenishing field of charged electrons. Like clean air and water, nutrients from the food we eat and the rays of the sun, these electrons are a necessity. Recent research and clinical evidence reveals that if we don't absorb them regularly through our skin, we become imbalanced and more susceptible to the efforts of inflammation, stress and the vast array of toxins in our modern environment. Unfortunately, the modern homes we live in, the cars we drive, the offices where we work and the shoes we wear all completely insulate us.

Juil Sandals Packaging The only way to absorb the precious energy is touching the earth's surface with our skin. In primitive times, that was easy. We didn't live in, work in or wear anything that kept us insulated. In modern times, that's been our only option. Until now.

The copper conductors in Juil sandals allow you to maintain a connection with the surface of the earth, without going barefoot. The exclusive Energy Flow Technology creates a conductive passageway from the ground to the soles of your feet, so the negative electrons we need can pass right on through.

Why Do We Need Electrons?

Negative electrons are like super-powered antioxidants that quench the positively charged free radicals that form in our bodies as a result of a exposure to various stressors from our increasingly toxic environment, stressful modern lives and even normal metabolism.

If we are to thrive in this scenario, not only do we need to find ways to better our environment and live healthier lives. We need to ground ourselves by reconnecting with nature and the surface of the earth.

Do more than walk. Connect.

Juil sandals are designed to connect you to the earth with every step you take. The creators of Juil recruited a team of professionals with backgrounds in health and wellness to build something bigger and more powerful than beautiful sandals. It's about connection - and your wellbeing.