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Beautiful Top Thick fabric and good impact support. I love the open back design and the seams in the middle of the top are very flattering around the waist. I practice Yoga at least twice a week and Zumba once a week. This top feels great and is certainly holding up! Fits true to size.

ActivewearUSA charlotte, nc

About Karma

Karma strongly believes in honoring and empowering women both on and off the mat. Karma's vision is that every woman and every community deserves all that is possible in life.

It is our core belief that if we practice and share good karma, others will follow. Karma is focusing on 'pay it forward' social innovation - we share good karma through our growing network of yoga and dance instructors, our Karma customers, and by distributing our Karma Tokens throughout North America.

Inspired by fashion and movement, Karma is redefining yoga apparel. With a balance of current trends, runway direction and movement though yoga and dance, Karma is establishing a new design direction. Locally made with pride, each garment is expertly designed, constructed and contoured to highlight the feminine shape and enhance what makes women beautiful.

Clothing for movement. Clothing for a movement.

Karma is proudly made in Canada