MPG Sport Freedom #LT38

MPG Sport Freedom #LT38
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Take your workouts to the next level in this chic, high performance tank top. Ergonomic seams and a racer-back give superb sporty style, while the front of the top features a unique cut-away section on the yoke for natural ventilation. For added support, the MPG top features an innovative built in Coolmax bra lining.

MPG Sport Freedom #LT38

Racer back tank top with ergonomic seam details and a unique open front yoke design for natural ventilation.

- Open front yoke detail
- Shorter athletic design, fitted, 24" length
- Built in Coolmax bra liner, medium support
- MPG custom logo stripe at back

Recommended For:
Light to heavy workouts, yoga, running, tennis, training.



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- Polyester-spandex blended jersey
- Four-way stretch, moisture wicking, quick dry


MPG is a brand of clothing which fuses fashion sensibility with performance function.

In our drive to develop the ultimate active apparel, we have achieved garments that feel and look so great on, you will want to wear them for everyday use. MPG has effectively blurred the lines between fashion and performance.

Truly powerful action is the result of an equally passionate vision and drive to achieve. Behind the energy for perfection surges the will to attain it. In recognizing this balance, MPG has developed a line of clothing that seamlessly blends fashion and function, design and performance. The results are richly detailed pieces with a technical edge - an entire collection unparalleled in conception and construction.

MPG Gives Back

Since its inception over 25 years ago, Mondetta Clothing has maintained, at the heart of the company's philosophy, strong philanthropic efforts benefiting a wide variety of local, national and international charitable organizations. In 2004, the company founded the Mondetta Charity Foundation (MCF) to make a difference in East Africa, where from the principals originally hail.

The MCF, a completely separate entity from the Mondetta Clothing Company and MPG which means a majority of administrative costs are borne by the parent company, seeks to ease some of the suffering in the East African region, specifically Uganda and Kenya. Tackling such seemingly insurmountable problems as poverty and the devastating AIDS epidemic, the MCF takes action at the grassroots level to ensure the help pledged goes to those who need it most.

Currently, the MCF supports a primary school in the sprawling slum of Kamwokya which is located in the Ugandan capital of Kampala. In neighbouring Kenya, partnering with the New Life Home Trust, the MCF pledges support to an orphanage in the coastal town of Lamu where children from 1 month to 3 years old, many of whom have lost either one or both parents to HIV/AIDS, or have simply been abandoned, can find safe refuge and the only semblance of family they have ever known.

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sort freedom top lt38 This is a very breathable top' made to elongate your mid section and comfortable around the shoulders to allow flexibility without constrain The front cut is sexy but discrete and given its light fabric the top is a must to take on any travel plan where you anticipate working out.

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