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Latest Reviews

Great for yoga Comfortable, flexible, great for yoga! Full range of motion!

fitness instructor charlotte, nc

Excellent Coverage. Light Material I disagree with other reviewer. I'm short (5'3) and I love this top so much that I'm coming back to purchase another. I will agree that it is long, but that's what i wanted: a workout top that covers my rear. The top reaches to the very tops of my thighs (not even close to mid-thigh; thus, it's not cumbersome). I wear it for U-Jam fitness, Zumba, & Hip-Hop dance classes. I sweat more heavily than a normal person, and the fabric of this top handles sweat well.

Great for yoga! I use these for yoga classes and they are so comfortable. They move with you and allow complete flexibility. I also love the color!

fitness instructor charlotte, nc

Great Design Flattering fit, love the color.

dothan, al

Comfy Great fit. This is a go to brand for me!

dothan, al

nice fit Extremely comfortable, chic color, great quality. love the cut to fit option!

dothan, al

good pants The waste is small, material is very light weight. Perfect cover up pants for layering or light work out pants. Reason for a 4 vs. 5 is that the leg cuffs have a string to tighten, the locks didn't work after one wash, so I tied them to my liking and do love wearing the pants. The thighs are on the small side, which I love, but muscular people might want to look for a different pair.

fitness instructor western springs, il

too long i like the blue and black combo and was very excited to try it on , unfortunately i thought the top is more meant for a taller person who is at least 5'10". wish it was shorter and a little less expensive . had to send it back.

kingston, ny

Cute, but fabric doesn't stretch These pants are cute and look pretty much like they do in the picture. Keep in mind that the fabric doesn't stretch at all which was a little disappointing as they are not really suited for working out if you need to bend your legs.

Fabulous! I am a Zumba instructor and these are a big hit in my class. One interesting feature is the hem, there are 3 and you can cut it to your length of choice! I have never seen that before. The color looks exactly like the picture. I ordered and XS, 115 pounds, 5'6". Fits like a glove. Fabulous!

fitness instructor western springs, il

MPG, also known as Mondetta Performance Gear, is a complete line of sport clothing that effectively blurs the lines between fashion and performance.

MPG has, in their drive to develop the ultimate in activewear apparel, achieved garments that feel and look so great on, you will want to wear them for everyday use.

MPG Sport Check out the MPG Sport Interview!
MPG Sport Clothing

MPG Sport

Truly powerful action is the result of an equally passionate vision and drive to achieve. Behind the energy for perfection surges the will to attain it. In recognizing this balance, MPG has developed a line of clothing that seamlessly blends fashion and function, design and performance. The results are richly detailed pieces with a technical edge - an entire collection unparalleled in conception and construction.

The brand's versatility allows for more than just function; it embodies style and comfort by offering a range of clothing to suit any activity in any environment, at the apex of vision and vigor.

Moving Forward By Giving Back

The four principal members of the Mondetta Clothing Company were born in Uganda and Kenya and have deep-seated emotional ties and a strong allegiance to the African Continent. While the problem of AIDS remains enormous, MCF aims to tackle the hardships of life in these regions by taking action where it counts.

The MCF supports a school in Uganda and an orphanage in Kenya. Most of the children directly benefiting from the MCF's efforts have either lost their parents to AIDS or are themselves living with the disease that has ravaged most of the African continent. One percent of total MPG sales are contributed to the MCF, which is a completely separate entity from the parent company, Mondetta, meaning all operating and administration costs are covered by the company and all donated funds received go directly where they should to help those in need.