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Naked has a new meaning Great Top, the most daring I've ever worn, but hey!! this is a reward to all that hard work at the gym. Great for dancing, I truly enjoy this top, Definetely A MUST HAVE!! Wayyy UP there :D

new york, ny

OMG BEST HOT1 YET This top should have 10 stars. I want them in all colors. The girls almost ripped them off of me. Beware!!! It is the most flatering OFF-D-HOOK top I owned. I am truly impressed by the material, Top quality :)) xoxo

new york, ny

The perfect activewear bra This bra holds even in the craziest jumping activities (trampoline jumper here!)! It is tight, but very soft on skin at the same time. The color is super bright and lovely, and pairs well with any top. Showing underneath a piece it only adds to the effect, I love it!

ActivewearUSA charlotte, nc

One Hot Top While this top is very sexy, it runs small. I am a 36c and it barely covered me, I had to really pull tight on the straps to cover everything which made it uncomfortable. It's other short-coming is the lack of modesty padding, okay if you don't mind your headlights showing, I personally don't want to advertise.o It would be great if it was bra-sized because "one size Does Not FIT All" I will be returning this top, but if they make it in larger sizes I would definitely reorder it.

lakewood, wa

NUX knows their stuff! this bra is my new #1 sports bra. Material is so soft. Fit is perfect, support is A#1 and it is hard for me to find a good fit b/c I am a C-D cup but small through torso. The LRG fits perfect. Wore during spin class and forgot I had it on it was that comfortable!!!Definitely recommend as a must have in wardrobe. I am ordering more colours. Nux knows their stuff. TFenn Canada

scarborough, on

Great! Fits perfectly-love the straps. No cups but I don't think that will be a problem with this bra.

saint augustine, fl

Great workout bra Just a really comfortable and supportive bra to work out in. Great under all my racerback tops!

los angeles, ca

The Go-To I originally got this bra as a middle-ground bra to wear when doing activities requiring less support than a sports bra, but more flexibility and moisture wick than an underwire. Now, I find that I am increasingly making it my choice for activities on each side of the middle as well.

So Comfortable! I love this bra! I purchased one on sale and wore it on a rock climbing trip. It was so great that I ordered four more online so I'd have enough to wear every day next time. It's extremely comfortable, breathable, and creates a very flattering/feminine silhouette. It's the perfect hybrid bra for an active lifestyle without creating a "uni-boob". I would recommend it for light activities like walking/hiking/rock-climbing, etc, or for everyday wear... But you will still need a bra with more support for running and such. I am a 32C and ordered a size small, which fits perfectly and creates just a bit of flattering cleavage.

Second skin I was so happy with this bra that I immediately ordered the other two colors available online. This is an amazing piece of clothing. It fits under my daily work clothes, incredibly comfortable, very feminine, and during the hot summer days it even performs its basic function of fighting sweat. THe only thing a tad limiting with it is the height of the bra - if I wear dip V-necks I can't usually use it. I wish I could! Would have never taken it off.

Finding the Perfectly Fitted Sports Bra for Medium Impact Sports

Fitness experts recommend performing a variety of workouts to protect your body against repetitive stress injuries and to mix up your workouts to avoid boredom and hitting a weight plateau. Sports like hiking, strength training and even skiing are great additions to your running or biking routines. A medium impact sports bra support is perfect for those moderate impact workouts. Like any other sports bra, the fit it crucial.

The purpose of a medium impact sports bra is to minimize excessive bouncing and to support your breasts when you are moving or not moving. This doesn't mean you should feel squeezed in or have the "uni-boob" look. Bras should be snugger than your regular bra but not tight. This doesn't mean you should buy a smaller cup size. Your sports bra should be fitted properly as the same size as your regular bra. Additionally, having a large chest does not mean needing to wear two sports bras at the same time. If you find yourself doing so, it's time to get a new sports bra. You know you have the right fit when:

- The straps allow for a good range of motion without cutting into your skin. Racer back straps and the traditional scoop style provide support and comfort at the same time. With your bra on, place two fingers under the strap and run them from front to back. If you can do so with gentle pressure, you probably have the right straps for you. You want the straps to be comfortable while you exercise.

- The band fits snugly around your ribcage but you can still breathe without restriction. Bands need to lie flat all around your ribcage, without riding up. One finger should be able to slide under the band. If it does, you most likely have a secure fit for your sports performance needs.

- The cup size supports and shapes you perfectly. Extra fabric bunches up at the top of the bra means the bra is too big. This bra wouldn't give you the support you need and the risk of chafing is great. On the other hand, if your breasts bulge out of the top or sides of the bra, it's too tight and you'll need a bigger cup size. Like Goldilocks, you need a fit that's just right.

Once you've found the right fit for you, test the bra out. Run in place, jump up and down, lunge side to side - do whatever movement mimics your workouts. If you feel comfortable and secure, you've found the right sports bra for you! You'll need one sports bra for each day you workout or, at the very least, four bras in rotation. sports a wide variety of medium impact sports bras for every size and sport so you can pay attention to what you should be focused on - your workout!