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Yoga glam! This really glams up my yoga classes! It really stays put, so no more stray hairs in sweaty face :)

s. sandby,

Looks cute I really like sweatybands. The thin one, like this, though doesn't really help too much with sweating. Mostly just good for flyaways. I'm sure it helps a little but this one seems like it is more just for show. They are nice though because they don't slip back while you are running which can be very annoying obviously. The thicker versions are better for keeping sweat out of your face for a little while.

chicago, il

Love These headbands are really cute! I find the thick ones help keep the sweat out of your face for longer and they are of course really cute! I know going the gym isn't about looking cutesy but why not wear it if it is cute and sensible. These get saturated after about 30-40 minutes for me when I'm running at a decent pace so it's not going to be a miracle worker but it does really help!

chicago, il

wonderful! Fast service and shipping! Love these for any workout. A must while running. Have others I had bought years ago and are still going strong.

williamsville, ny

Sweaty Bands I like this headband, but it is thinner than it looked in the picture. I have one just like it in a different color, and I was looking forward to having a bit wider one. This will work, though. They definitely stay put, regardless of the workout type. I did my first half-marathon wearing a SweatyBand, and it stayed in place for the entire race.

canton, ga

sweaty bands rule! I have a number of sweaty bands so I decided to add this cool one to my collection. They are the best head bands I've ever bought because they are so comfortable (not too tight) and don't slip.

carmel, ny

super cute! Every time I wear this headband I get compliments on it. It is fun and very comfortable.

Sweaty Bands These are the best headbands I have ever worn. Never slip out of place and they have a lot of fabrics to choose from. LOVE!!!

watseka, il

Great Headband! Comfortable, pretty, and keeps your hair under control without giving you a headache!

waterbury, vt

Sweaty Bands Viva Diva Super Skinny review This headband fits so well that it does not slide down when you are doing those"head-down" exercise. I also like the blinking effect. Will definately buy again in other colours.

fitness instructor hong kong,

Sweaty Bands was created by Donna, a married mother of three. Donna has been teaching fitness classes and personal training for over 20 years and it is both her passion and her hobby. Donna started making Sweaty Bands as a way to supplement her income. "I have an obsession with having the freshest tunes to keep my students motivated". Her entire paycheck was going to new music so she started selling a few Sweaty Bands out of her gym bag after class as a way for her to keep buying music and pay for continuing education. Sweaty Bands has provided Donna with the opportunity to do what she loves and make a little money on the side. We hope you LOVE Sweaty Bands as much as we do at!

Sweaty Bands

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