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Swiftwick Running and Cycling Socks At ActivewearUSA

Originally stocked in just 20 stores, Swiftwick socks have gone from strength to strength since the launch of the brand in 2008. President and co-founder Mark Cleveland aimed to "make waves" and dominate the industry by producing performance socks with a difference. By 2010, Swiftwick had already developed into leader in sports sock design, with many professional sportspeople switching to the brand.

Why Are Swiftwick Socks Different?

Swiftwick are the only sportswear brand who produce their entire range in the USA. Based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, this allows a ultra-high level of quality control throughout all stages of the manufacture process.

Swiftwick fabrics are woven with 200 needles to produce a maximum density textile with technical qualities aimed at improving sports performance. The breathable, perspiration-wicking fabric feels soft yet the tight weave ensures a snug, glove-like fit on the foot, provides beneficial compression and prevents chafing and blisters.

Swiftwick - Enduring Comfort Whatever Your Sport As a growing brand, Swiftwick have become famous for their innovative and forward-thinking design. It was reported that the U.S Olympic Cycling team put in a special order for Swiftwick socks before their events, while many other professional athletes favor the brand. Suitable for use for a whole variety of sports, from running, cycling and hockey, to extreme sports and hockey, Swiftwick socks bring a whole new meaning to the words performance and comfort.