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Terry Liberator with Yellow Insert I'm with Bud here. I have a Terry Liberator with the Yellow insert and it is the best saddle I have ever owned. It has over 10K Miles in the saddle and is starting to show it age. I sure wish I could get it rebuilt, or buy a new one of the exact same design. My riding partners call it a Lazy-boy, because it is huge compared to the blunt plywood they ride. Once the spend a few miles on mine, they want to dump their ultra-light arse-buster and get a Liberator. Can you help us out here Terry?

Terry Liberator TI Race I have been riding this model saddle for over 10 years, and have one on each of my bikes. I have tried several other brands of saddles over the years, and have always returned to my Terry's. I have also had other male riders switch to Terry saddles after trying one of mine. I just wish I could get my oldest saddle refurbished (old Liberator with yellow insert)

solved Finally, this seat doesn't hurt, I have had a Specialized Jett, Terry butterfly and Selle Italia all have hurt at the area where the leg hits the saddle. The women's Fizik did not hurt my leg but had no cutout. The Falcon is like the Fizik with the cutout and it is fabulous. Really am enjoying being pain free.

Fantastic Saddles I have wasted a whole lot of money over the years on crummy saddles. If I had found these earlier on I would have had a lot more comfortable miles below me and far more cash left in my wallet. You can pay more but you can't find a better saddle at any price. The only thing is that I miss the enbroidered fly on the new saddle. I now have a Terry on both of my road bikes.

It is awesome. Go BUZZ OFF! It is awesome. Go BUZZ OFF!

AMAZING After about 800 miles so far this year my sit bones and saddle area wouuld so bad after an hour or so of riding that it was hard for me to sit. I ordered a FLY TI GEL and its like sitting on a recliner. Thanks Terry. I will be ordering another soon for my road bike.

Fly Ti Gel Saddle Been using for 3 years... best saddle ever. Have 3 roadies, the other 2 will have the same saddle when needed...

The Search is Over How many saddles and how many dollars have I gone through to reach this point - I do not and do not care to know. Tried Fizik's line, Brooks Swallow, SMP and many, many more and the Terry Fly Carbon is the best (for me) by far. I also found it to be superior to the Fly Ti due to the smoother surface. Read elsewhere that it has the same shape as the classic Turbo. Just so happens that was the saddle I rode many miles in my younger days. While I do not think the cut out adds a whole lot, it does not cause any issues either. Give it a try guys.

Racing Roadie I am shocked! I thought of Terry products only for my wife before now. I race on the road, but then we got a tandem that came with this saddle. It's firm enough to please me, light enough to use in events, and I actually feel kind of "alternative" when I ride it with my shaved leg hammerheads.

Damselfly Saddle It's always hard to give up your saddle for a new one, but my desire for a saddle with color (pink) finally overcame my reluctance to try something new. I am very happy I finally did. The Damselfly has a narrow seat width and fits the "sit" bones well, and it's length lends to a feeling of stability on rapid descents. It took a bit of riding around with a seat wrench so that I could keep moving the saddle up/down and around and get it dialed in for me specifically but that is to be expected with any new seat. Once I found the sweet spot I haven't been disappointed with this saddle. I have taken the Damselfly on numerous 20 mile rides now and find it pertty darn comfortable, I see no reason why it shouldn't do well for my longer rides. Strangely it seems a little more comfortable with a thin chamois rather than with my thicker one but time will tell for sure. At any rate I find this to be a good fitting saddle and am very glad that I was able to get it in such a nice shade of pink.