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Latest Reviews

Very nicely fitted The pad in these shorts is nice and thick, very comfortable, but well fitted to my body so that it appears smooth on the body. Great job, Terry!

farmingdale, me

NUX knows their stuff! this bra is my new #1 sports bra. Material is so soft. Fit is perfect, support is A#1 and it is hard for me to find a good fit b/c I am a C-D cup but small through torso. The LRG fits perfect. Wore during spin class and forgot I had it on it was that comfortable!!!Definitely recommend as a must have in wardrobe. I am ordering more colours. Nux knows their stuff. TFenn Canada

fitness instructor scarborough, on

Exactly what I was looking for! As a long-distance runner I'm always looking for the next best thing… Recently I had to have some surgery on my legs and the doctor recommended i run with compression post surgery. I ordered these tights and they were perfect! I am 5'7"and weigh 128 pounds, I tried the small in the store and found it a little on the short side. I ordered this ST and they are awesome! The Elite has the perfect compression for what I needed post surgery. Will order again!

jeffersonville, in

Exactly what I was looking for!

jeffersonville, in

Very-flattering These pants really show off all the hard work I put in at the gym. I ordered up a size since my legs are a little more muscular than most runners and this worked great! I like the tall sizes too that you can't find in regular running stores. I had a small problem with shipping, but customer service was great and I'll use this company again. Thanks!

raleigh, nc

Great workout bra Just a really comfortable and supportive bra to work out in. Great under all my racerback tops!

los angeles, ca

Love these shorts! Love, love, love everything about these shorts! The most comfortable short I have worn. The chamois and length are perfect. And, friends commented on how great they look. Can't get any better than that!

The search is over Wow! These shorts look great and feel great. I have been searching for new shorts to love for over a year and have finally found them. I wasn't sure about the longer length but they are very flattering. I tried them on as soon as they came in and my husband gave a big thumbs up on the look.

A superior bike short!! I used 2 pair of these in RAGBRAI this year. They were wonderful despite the numerous days over 100 degrees. Very comfortable and breathable chamois. Loved the wide leg band without elastic grippers. The longer fit is more flattering and the lack of grippers inside the band eliminated the problem of having sunscreen rub off (which has previously resulted in sunburn). Well worth the price!! I will be buying these exclusively from now on!

Love these! I love these shorts! Comfy waist band sits low, great support, endurance chamois, and great length...not too short and not too long! Can it get any better than this?!

Women's Compression Clothing Works

Women's compression clothing is said to improve athletic performance by reducing muscle movement and encouraging blood flow. It's also used to maintain body temperature and wick moisture while you're in a heavy duty training session. But women's compression clothing isn't just for while you're working out. Some, like tights and socks, are also great recovery tools. This stuff is pure athletic goodness for women who workout.

Tight fitting and made of spandex or other stretchy types of material, compression tops are worn alone or as the undershirt. They wick away moisture from your body so you're drier and reducing chafing. It's said women's compression shirts keep the body supported and thereby preventing injury to muscles or joints. Women with larger breasts appreciate the no-bounce factor compression shirts provide.

Women's compression clothing like shorts and pants provide a similar result as the shirts do, in that they provide support and wick away moisture effectively. Studies performed on sprinters show that compression bottoms enhance hip movement and that translates to faster running. Basically, the more the clothing keeps a body firmly supported, the better and more effective the wearer's performance.

Yes, they look like your grandma's socks. And yes they also look like post- surgery gear, but women's compression clothing has the rights to call compression socks "athletic" as well. Athletes wear them because they give the most compression at the ankle, less at the knee and the least at the thigh. This type of compression helps the return of blood for the leg, hence the use of them post-surgery to prevent blood pooling in the legs. The increased blood flow compression socks and leg sleeves provide is another bonus when wearing them for recovery purposes.

Compression tights are just that - tight. Super tight. The reason for that level of compression is to support the knees and prevent the outward motion that could eventually cause injury. They're supportive and structured, just like all of women's compression clothing. Think of an ACE bandage that is wrapped around joints and muscles to help stabilize them. That's how compression tights work. Pros and amateur athletes use them for both performance and recovery purposes.

Warm and supportive, women's compression clothing is like a hug for your body. It's a hug that improves athletic performance and reduces the risk of injury and the time it takes for muscles to recover from a hard workout. If you're planning on challenging yourself in a race or with a challenging strength training session, be sure to wear compression clothing to make your workout awesome - before it and after it.