Women's Compression Pants

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CW Stabilyx Capri I just received my first pair of compression capris. Though they looked tiny coming out of the protective storage bag, they fit well. Can't wait for the temps to drop a little to try them out. The core support is amazing.

gig harbor, wa

Perfect post-op I had a c-section and needed high waisted compression shorts for more support. These are perfect!

pittsburgh, pa

Love at first sight That's the right statement. I can't stop looking at myself in the mirror wearing this skort. I feel sexier than ever. My skin is even glowing, just same as the color I picked...glow! Great material. It's worth every penny. The only thing that I can't give 5 star is the size. Just hoping this skort has size XS. My body is curvy...I have teeny tiny waist. The waistline is loose. I can handle that. It still looks nice coming down lower below my belly button. But hey....thumbs up!!!

fitness instructor seymour, tn

Ball pocket is exposed! :( First time I've ever been disappointed with LIJA. I love the look of this, but the problem is that the ball pocket is exposed on your thigh. I assumed it would be hidden under the skirt. Wish it was designed not to show. I'm returning for that reason. Besides that, it's adorable. The skirt is very cute and fits great!

alpharetta, ga

Compression! These pants have a high compression. But when you wear them they are very comfortable. I used them many times and washed them many times and they are sill in shape as like the first day!


Women's Compression Pants For Ultimate Sports Performance

Give your workout pants a more challenging task than merely keeping you warm. Ask them to improve your athletic performance, reduce the risk of sports injuries, maintain your body temperature and reduce recovery time. Sound far-fetched? Not if you're talking about women's compression pants.

Women's compression pants are designed for nearly every type of workout from yoga to running. While its versatility is top notch, its ability increase athletic performance is puts these pants over the edge. Studies show that wearing compression pants allows athletes to run longer and recover quicker due to its compressed fit. Women's compression pants are tightest nearest the ankle, lesser at the knee and have the least amount of compression at the thigh. They're made this way to encourage the fast return of blood for the legs, increasing the amount of oxygen getting to those hard-working muscles. That encouraged circulation is beneficial post-workout as well by decreasing delayed onset muscle soreness.

The fit of pants are important and the fabric may be equally as essential. Lightweight and temperature-regulating, the fabric women's compression pants are made of suit any temperature indoors or out. The material wicks away sweat and moisture to eliminate chafing and skin irritation. Often the fabric is also UV protected as well as anti-bacterial, keeping you odor-free. Pants like LIJA's Compression 2 Freestyle Pants boast all of those details and look great on too.

Together the benefits create the ultimate in your personal sports performance. You'll be feeling so good during your workout you may not notice the reduction in muscle movement and vibration. You'll only be aware that you're putting out a higher, more efficient energy output. Most likely your women's compression pants will have your muscles and joints stabilized and your body temperature regulated, leaving you with top quality performance and fewer injuries.

Enjoy a quicker recovery time and reduced muscle soreness post workout and revel in the fact that it's the women's compression pants that are providing those benefits for you! Sneak them under your everyday clothing for added warmth in the winter or wear them solo in the weight room. No matter how you wear them, these workout pants are your go-to fitness wear!