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Love ryka shoes!!!! I bought my first pair of ryka sneakers from this website about 6 months ago and now I am buying my second pair! I am in love with this brand! These r SO light weight but yet provide so much support. I do a lot of aerobics, cardio and classes that require you to do alot of high impact moves. I won't wear nikes or asics anymore..... One thing u should know before you order these is that they r actually purple, silver and grey. But i love the look of them!!!! Extra bonus :)

Great for running and hanging out! I love this pair so much. I have been running in them for a few months now, but because i love the design so much i wear them for running errands as well. I've received many compliments on them as well. I have found they run a little big.

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Women's Fitness Sneakers - Where Variety Meets Functionality

It's been years since women owned only one pair of shoes they used for workouts. Women's fitness sneakers have become so technologically advanced you can now own a pair for running, one for trekking, one for tennis and on and on. Each with its own variable features, today's sneakers work specifically for your chosen activity.

Runner's arguably have the widest variety in women's fitness sneakers. There's cushioned, stability focused, racing flats - name what you need and you'll get it in a running shoe. Even the trail runners have shoes devoted solely to them, like the Altra Women's Lone Peak. With its female-specific design, the Lone Peak offers a stable ride on unstable trails. Quick dry abrasion resistant mesh uppers provide comfort while the asymmetrical lacing contributes to a superior fit. They look good and function even better, making that trek a happy one for your feet.

The hottest trend is towards barefoot running and running in shoes so light and comfortable you don't know you're wearing them. Altra's The Eve is a minimalist shoe that's nicer than bare feet as it's comprised of puncture-resistant outsole and a BareSole grip to avoid the slipping factor. This is one of the super light women's fitness sneakers that's breathable and female specific in its foot shaped design. The idea is that light, snug shoes provide a smoother run or walk as it's as close to bare feet as you can get.

Cross training women's fitness sneakers are perfect for weight training and aerobic classes. They should be comfortable and multifunctional, that while may not be suitable for the serious athlete, could definitely cover most needs of the average gym-goer. They should provide cushioning, support and traction for general sporting needs. The good thing about cross trainers is that you can find amenities like arch and ankle support while coming in a variety of colors and materials.

It is virtually impossible not to find a pair of women's fitness sneakers to suit you. Evaluate what fitness activities you like to do and go from there. If you're a sport specific person, like a runner, a soccer player or a weight trainer, you'll want to take the time to find the designated shoe for you. Don't forget your basic cross trainers, though! General fitness sneakers work for the person who likes a wide variety of activities, without spending too much time in any one particular. And you know, it's never a bad idea to invest in more than one pair! Your feet will thank you for it.