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Yoga glam! This really glams up my yoga classes! It really stays put, so no more stray hairs in sweaty face :)

s. sandby,

Looks cute I really like sweatybands. The thin one, like this, though doesn't really help too much with sweating. Mostly just good for flyaways. I'm sure it helps a little but this one seems like it is more just for show. They are nice though because they don't slip back while you are running which can be very annoying obviously. The thicker versions are better for keeping sweat out of your face for a little while.

chicago, il

Love These headbands are really cute! I find the thick ones help keep the sweat out of your face for longer and they are of course really cute! I know going the gym isn't about looking cutesy but why not wear it if it is cute and sensible. These get saturated after about 30-40 minutes for me when I'm running at a decent pace so it's not going to be a miracle worker but it does really help!

chicago, il

wonderful! Fast service and shipping! Love these for any workout. A must while running. Have others I had bought years ago and are still going strong.

williamsville, ny

warm headband I like this headband a lot mainly for keeping my ears warm in the cold.

cincinnati, oh

Gave it a try I like the look of this headband. I also like the style but it just doesn't fit quite tight enough. Slips down during Zumba.

lakewood, co

Headband It fit really snugly to my head and did not ride up at all, which is something I usually have an issue with. It was a great fabric and felt good against my skin.

stella, nc

Beautiful! Beautiful headband! Stays on my heads, holds my hair back, & doesn't give me a headache!

ethel, la

Sweaty Bands I like this headband, but it is thinner than it looked in the picture. I have one just like it in a different color, and I was looking forward to having a bit wider one. This will work, though. They definitely stay put, regardless of the workout type. I did my first half-marathon wearing a SweatyBand, and it stayed in place for the entire race.

canton, ga

prana headband This headband is a beautiful fabric, but it is literally just a folded piece of fabric; not seamed. if not folded correctly, you can see the white underside. It is also a little bit lightweight in my opinion. I would like a thicker, seamed fabric ideally.

greenville, nc

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