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A wonderful hoodie jacket Bought it for the color, wearing it for the joy! Both a nice fit and a great range of usage - it fits my short skirts as good as classic jeans!

ActivewearUSA charlotte, nc

Lanie Jacket Really love the look of this jacket. It does run small and you will not be able to wear anything bulky underneath.

durham, ca

The Best!! This is the lightest, warmest winter coat I have ever worn! I have so enjoyed the look and the practicality.

Mixed feelings I have a mixed feeling about this coat. On one hand, it is stylish, very light and breathes well, which are important qualities to me. On the other hand, it's not as warm as I was hoping, it fits too tight around the waist, and most importantly has poor quality stitching. The stitching started to come off about a week from the purchase of my first coat. A month after a replacement, it's coming off again in a different area. I still like the coat overall and intend to keep it, but at this point am frustrated about such flimsy quality stitching. I have only used this coat for gentle wearing to town mainly, never for high impact wear outdoors, so cannot understand why it's so unsturdy. Patagonia, please look into switching to a higher quality and more durable thread for such an expensive coat.

Great for Travel I used this jacket to travel to DC for the winter break. Wore it everyday and kept me warm the whole time. Very lightweight and stylish.

Ultralight it Right This parka is probably the most money per ounce I've spent on something, but I feel content declaring it "Worth it!". You won't look like a sleeping bag on legs- in fact, the parka and cut get complements-, yet it's warm for those chilly mornings. I find that the small, my normal size, leaves room for layers underneath but is still well-fitted.

Super light, yet warm and stylish You get what you pay for. The slim cut design keeps it very stylish even though it is a long jacket. Perfect for chilly San Francisco weather. Color is beautiful, too. Red inside and that is charming.

Amazing coat. Ultralight Fiona I just returned from winter in New Zealand. Nothing could have been better than having this coat. It is warm, lightweight, and compresses so easily to a very small size. I was never cold, always felt stylish and comfortable. It is an amazing coat. I was hesitant to spend the money, but now know it is one of the best pieces of clothing I have ever bought, and I will have it for years to come. Absolutely buy it!

Best Parka I love my Ultralight Fiona Parka. This coat has been in Colorado, now in China. It is the best coat, so warm and so light. Noone knows it is the Patagonia coat because the Patagonia label is nowhere to be found. The Patagonia trademark is missing on outside of my coat. It is sad since I'm so proud of Patagonia products.

Slim & Chic Love this parka! It fits slim and has a great shape. If you are looking for a sleek long jacket to wear over t-shirts, this is for you... Would not be able to layer up- too slim fitting for sweaters or anything bulky underneath.

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