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I love these briefs! They are comfortable, attractive, and do not ride up.

davidsonville, md

No riding up! Finally, I've found a pair of undies that do not ride up. I wear them under a pair of white shorts for hot yoga. I am securely covered. They are an attractive, substantial fabric.

davidsonville, md

Dear Kates are Great! I read about these panties on a blog, and when I saw them for sale here I decided to give them a shot. I always have a little leakage when I run or do yoga at that time of the month, and I hate having to remember to stick a liner in my underwear. I've ruined more than a few panties or even tights from stains. These Dear Kates are fabulous! Even when I can tell that liquid has leaked, it stays in the gusset and not on outer layer. The material is smooth, too, so my tights slip on and off much easier than over cotton, especially when they're damp. The panties have already paid for themselves by protecting my running clothes. It's also nice that they fit well and look cute!

north plainfield, nj

Base Layer I use these as a base layer with my other socks. The floor at work is very cold & drafty so the extra layer works well for me. On the weekend I would also use them as a liner sock for hiking, biking, snow shoeing, etc.

Great socks for work or play I really like that these socks come in several sizes so they fit snugly with no extra material to bunch up in the toe. The height is right to wear with nice pants at work but they look good with a pair of shorts and trail runners, too.

Just what I was looking for I bought these cotton socks to wear under Smartwool socks in the winter. They are simple, warm & organic.

Please sir, I want some more. I Love these socks & need 5 more pairs. Wearing them right now. I wear them for 12 hr shifts at work with Dansco clogs. I'm sure they'd be great for hiking too.

Love these socks! I used to be a Smartwool junkie, but I'm a Patagonia sock convert.

nice socks Nice socks. FIt well and are very comfortable. I would recommend to others.

Great Socks! Durable, light, comfy, excellent stitching. Great socks!

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