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Berlei Sports Running Brief Berlei Sports Running Brief $23.00 Patagonia W's Barely Bikini Patagonia W's Barely Bikini $22.00 Patagonia W's Barely Hipster Patagonia W's Barely Hipster $22.00 Patagonia W's Active Briefs Patagonia W's Active Briefs $22.00 Berlei Aqua Trek Triathlon Short Berlei Aqua Trek Triathlon Short $35.00 Patagonia Lw Merino Hiking Crew Socks Patagonia Lw Merino Hiking Crew Socks $22.00 Patagonia W's Barely Thong Patagonia W's Barely Thong $22.00 Patagonia W's Active Hipster Patagonia W's Active Hipster $22.00

Latest Reviews

I love these briefs! They are comfortable, attractive, and do not ride up.

davidsonville, md

No riding up! Finally, I've found a pair of undies that do not ride up. I wear them under a pair of white shorts for hot yoga. I am securely covered. They are an attractive, substantial fabric.

davidsonville, md

Dear Kates are Great! I read about these panties on a blog, and when I saw them for sale here I decided to give them a shot. I always have a little leakage when I run or do yoga at that time of the month, and I hate having to remember to stick a liner in my underwear. I've ruined more than a few panties or even tights from stains. These Dear Kates are fabulous! Even when I can tell that liquid has leaked, it stays in the gusset and not on outer layer. The material is smooth, too, so my tights slip on and off much easier than over cotton, especially when they're damp. The panties have already paid for themselves by protecting my running clothes. It's also nice that they fit well and look cute!

north plainfield, nj

Thin is In Love these socks. Excellent ski socks for those of us who like a thin sock in our ski boots, and just as good for apres ski or everyday wear in the winter (more like 3 seasons in SE AK). Tall enough to reach the knee and they stay up and never get saggy. All that, and they keep my feet warm, too.

They stay up! I just ordered my second pair of these socks. Living in interior AK, I live in wool socks 8 months of the year. I was impressed by the fit and comfort of these socks. They stay up under dressy boots and big Sorels, and are perfect for Cross-country skiing workouts.

Awesome socks These are great, I love knee highs. They are nice and tall with a great weight, not bulky. They fit great under tall boots.

Keep my feet happy These are perfect for everyday wear. I like to wear them under my Addie Rider boots or use them as extra leg warmers on really cold days.

Very Comfy Wearing them today. Super comfortable :) Nice, breathable and good to wear for many different activities.

great for hiking! So I was looking for some thin socks for hiking, and while they do not say hiking socks, they worked great for that! I hiked 10 miles in hot desert environment in them. They stayed up, I didn't get too hot, and no blisters. Plus, they're super cute! We'll see how long they last, but I think they'll last long like other patagonia products!

Great socks The perfect, lightweight wool socks. Fit well, look great and are comfy.

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