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Supernice! Really good towel for small compartments, excellent for travel or slimming down a bulky bag with yoga gear. It's so small when folded but so soft! Love the bright colours!

s. sandby,

Yoga mat My mat arrived very quickly and it seems to be of high quality material. A little smell when I first unwrapped it but I laid it flat and the smell dissipated rather quickly. I'm excited to start using it on regular basis.

gering, ne

Yogoco Yoga Bag I needed room for my "3 minute egg": it fits, but just barely. I usually have two yoga mats rolled together, but I can't do it with this bag. They have to roll separately. I love the print of the bag and the sturdiness, so I will adjust the way I carry things and keep the bag.

cornville, az

Yogoco Yoga Bag I love this bag; it's pretty and practical. My only complaint is that the second compartment is not large enough to hold my "3 Minute Egg" block. I am keeping it, as I don't need my block all of the time.

cornville, az

Gave it a try I like the look of this headband. I also like the style but it just doesn't fit quite tight enough. Slips down during Zumba.

lakewood, co

Headband It fit really snugly to my head and did not ride up at all, which is something I usually have an issue with. It was a great fabric and felt good against my skin.

stella, nc

Beautiful! Beautiful headband! Stays on my heads, holds my hair back, & doesn't give me a headache!

ethel, la

prana headband This headband is a beautiful fabric, but it is literally just a folded piece of fabric; not seamed. if not folded correctly, you can see the white underside. It is also a little bit lightweight in my opinion. I would like a thicker, seamed fabric ideally.

greenville, nc

Back For More! I bought a pair of these hot yoga towels a month ago and loved them so much I wanted a second set in rotation. They're an absolutely essential part of my practice now and I wouldn't take any other towel to class. These are the perfect yoga towel in my opinion and well worth the money!

south yarra, vic

Perfect Yoga Towel The main difference between these yoga towels and others is their thickness. They're so plush and yet dense that they don't detract from the surface of your mat. They fit perfectly over my standard size mat and don't budge at all (without wetting) though vigorous power flow classes. The quality of the fabric is excellent, especially with the bound edges and I am confident that they will stand up to me standing on them for a very long time to come. Savasana is very enjoyable on my yoga rat towel!

south yarra, vic

The increased popularity of Yoga has resulted in the Yoga accessories market being saturated. We have done the research and brought only the best yoga accessories to you, yoga accessories that can really transform your yoga practice! Yoga Accessories at are innovative, technical and durable. From The Manduka Pro black mat, Yogitoes SKIDLESS towels and the eco-friendly Yogoco Yoga bags we have only the best yoga accessories for your yoga session! Whether you practice Bikram yoga or Power Vinyasa yoga we have the best yoga accessories on the market! Guaranteed!
Yoga Accessories Reviews

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Yoga Accessories Reviews

Yoga Accessories Yoga Accessories Yoga mats Yoga mats and yoga towels Yoga mat bags The Manduka Mat is the Rolls-Royce of yoga mats!
The Manduka Mat is the Rolls-Royce of yoga mats – it’s heavy, long, thick and extremely durable. This mat will last for years, it’s an excellent investment worthy of any serious practitioner. The cushioning, slip resistance and floor grip are all well above average if not perfect. The only downsides of this mat are its weight and size. It’s perfect for home practice or to keep in a studio locker but not for carrying around, especially in public transportation. - Chris, AR

Yoga Accessories Yoga Accessories Yoga mats Yoga mats and yoga towels Yoga mat bags Jade Harmony mat - Nature’s Best Yoga Mat!
Nature’s Best Yoga Mat. Made with natural rubber, the Jade Harmony Professional Mat is Jade’s most popular mat. I highly recommend this mat to anyone passionate about yoga, this mat makes a huge difference in your practice and it does not cost a fortune! - Irine, WA

Yoga Accessories Yoga Accessories Yoga mats Yoga mats and yoga towels Yoga mat bags I love the yoga accessories by!
Manduka’s next generation eKO mat is built to perform and re-defines the possibilities for eco-friendly yoga mats. Made from natural rubber, the mat is designed for durability and comfort, yet it will decompose completely at the end of its useful life without leaving a footprint in landfills! - Shelly, CA

Yoga Accessories Yoga Accessories Yoga mats Yoga mats and yoga towels Yoga mat bags Great yoga accessories!
I bought the Manduka eKO Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat at - which is an awesome place for yoga accessories! This mat is an excellent alternative for those who want a highest quality yoga mat but are on the budget. This mat will not last as long as most expensive mats, but it will do its job perfectly for quite some time! - Michael, CA

Yoga Accessories Yoga Accessories Yoga mats Yoga mats and yoga towels Yoga mat bags I love my yoga accessories!!
I have been practicing Hatha yoga for almost a year now. I noticed everyone had these towels but didn't appreciate how great they are! If you sweat a lot during your class, you probably slip on your mat - this eliminates that hassle and allows you to practice and sweat without a problem. Another added bonus is that your mat stays clean. Even if you have an old mat, you are better off extending the life of your mat by buying a yogitoes to put on your mat. Throw them in the wash and it's that easy. I sugggest NOT drying them though. I dried one of mine and it doesn't stick to the mat as well anymore. It air dries very fast so there is no need to put it in the dryer. Also, wash them alone. Love the yoga accessories at! - Risa, MI

Yoga Accessories Yoga Accessories Yoga mats Yoga mats and yoga towels Yoga mat bags Great selection of yoga accessories!
The selection of yoga clothes at is huge! It's the first time I have found it really hard to choose! I love my new yoga outfit and I really want to get some more yoga clothes soon! - Linda, FL

Yoga Accessories Yoga Accessories Yoga mats Yoga mats and yoga towels Yoga mat bags I have the Buddha's Garden design and I love it!
Now I don't need to use my ugly oversize gym bag as often. With this Yogoco bag, everything is safely stored in its neat little compartment, which makes it easier to carry all my stuff and a cinch to find what I need. Thank you for the amazing yoga accesories and the amazing customer service! - Lisa, ND

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Yoga and fitness is an important part of the daily schedule for many women, even those with busy schedules. Why do these women make yoga an integral part of their lifestyle? Simple – yoga has so many health benefits and the inner meditation which women find during the practice helps bring a core of stillness and tranquility into their otherwise “tornado” lifestyles.

Buying unique yoga accessories is one way to bring personality and style to your workout – whether you are learning yoga techniques for the first time or you teach bikram at a yoga club. At we are passionate about yoga and active lifestyles, and know that the right quality of yoga accessories can take your workout to a whole new level, ensuring you can fully focus your attention and move closer to enlightenment.

Our wide range of yoga supplies is dedicated to bringing you fabulous products which are both technical and fashionable. We source our brands from around the world, and invite you to discover the exciting yoga accessories from YoGoCo, YogiToes, Jade Yoga, Sweaty Bands, Manduka Yoga and many more highly respected brands.

Our yoga accessories and equipment selection includes products for indoor and outdoor yoga so you can get fit and feel great wherever you go. We have a great selection of the best yoga towels, the thickest yoga mats and decorative travel yoga mat and bag sets. Each of the designs selected by is chosen to give the highest levels of comfort throughout your workout. High performance features can be found in all of the products : from the skidless yoga towel to non-slip mats to ensure you are always safe when you are stretching. We also offer many eco-friendly bags in fabulous patterns, trendy sweatbands and yoga mats which feature cool graphics.

Whatever you need to complete your yoga gym outfit, you'll find it here. Mix and match and show off your own style, for a look that's truly you!
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