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Doesn't constantly roll back up I was originally concerned about buying this yoga mat because I thought that after a couple of weeks of being rolled up for shipping, it would constantly try and roll back up into a tube shape. Thankfully, this isn't the case at all! The mat sticks to my tile floor really well and stays flat against the floor during yoga practice. It's thin enough to store easily, but also thick enough to provide comfort during a workout.

granadilla de abona, al

Nice and sticky I bought my first Jade mat in 2007, strayed away trying other mats, then finally came back to the Jade now in 2014. It is simply the stickiest mat I have found. I don't need a yoga mat towel even for a heated yoga class. I like the thickness - it is supportive without feeling unstable/squishy. And I like that it is natural rubber with no nasty off-gassing chemicals. (though these mats SMELL STRONGLY when you first buy them - hang it indoors away from direct sunlight for a few days or longer before using it) The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is that it definitely wears out, and for a higher end yoga mat I think it should last longer. My first mat wore out in 3 years of regular practice, and this seems to be consistent with my yoga students, too. (this is about the same lifetime as some of my cheapie mats - I feel if I pay more, it should last longer than a cheapie mat.) That is honestly my only complaint, otherwise I love it!

yoga props So happy I purchased these! As a yoga instructor I know how important it is to protect the knees from injury and I have recommended them to all my students. Good quality, does the job well :)

Yoga mat My mat arrived very quickly and it seems to be of high quality material. A little smell when I first unwrapped it but I laid it flat and the smell dissipated rather quickly. I'm excited to start using it on regular basis.

gering, ne

great mat! overall, this is a great mat. i thought it was regular length, but apparently it is 72". just be aware of that if purchasing. the mat is about 5mm thick and provides great support for yoga and pilates!

Absolutely gorgeous mat!!! I've been wanting this one for quite awhile and was not disappointed when I finally ordered it. It came promptly and was just as beautiful in person as on the site. I would definitely order from this site again :)

wildwood, fl

Long-lasting mat This mat has a lifetime guarantee, and so far after two years of using it for regular yoga practice and teaching, I still see not even the smallest sign of wear. Though this is a lighter version of their mat, it is still a relatively heavy mat compared to most. It is very stable and supportive, and also thick enough for cushioning. For non-heated yoga classes, it is plenty sticky. If your hands or feet tend to sweat or if you are taking heated yoga, you might need a towel to cover it to prevent slipping. As this is a zero-waste mat (you never throw it away because it is supposed to last a lifetime) it is very eco friendly! When you first buy it, there may be a slight coating on the mat (not visible) that makes it a bit slippery. Spray the mat with some yoga mat spray and wipe it down thoroughly to take the coating off. (do NOT use a soap-based mat spray!) Let it air dry.

fitness instructor south hadley, ma

Nice, sticky and supportive mat! This is definitely my favorite mat to use. It is the stickiest I have come across so far, and is the only one that I can use for heated yoga classes without a towel covering it. It is thick enough for good cushioning, but stable and supportive enough that you never feel unstable in balance postures. The mat lasted me about three years of regular practice and teaching. When it started to wear out two things happened - the rubber started to wear away where I put my hands and feet, and then it got "stretchy" in standing postures - the mat stretched so my feet would slide farther apart from one another in i.e. Warrior II. This is not a "last a lifetime" mat, but very few are so I still give it 5 stars. When you first get the new Jade mat, it has a strong rubber smell - it is all natural rubber. Don't worry! The smell will fade after a while, but can be overpowering at first. Let it hang out for a while indoors out of direct sunlight, and it will air out. All natural rubber is eco-friendly, and there are no off gassing or nasty chemicals in this mat! Plus, Jade plants a tree for every mat sold!

fitness instructor south hadley, ma

eco mat! Love this, I have it in the green shade which lots of people were impressed with. I LOVE being eco too (it makes me feel really smug), so that is definately an added bonus!


Don't wait. It's worth the expense! First off, I've been practicing ashtanga/power yoga for about a year and a half now. I'm not an expert, but I know what works for me. My hands and feet sweat a lot during class. Most mats I've tried turn into a slip-and-slide after the first 5 minutes. From day one I've had to use a towel under my hands at the front of the mat to keep from collapsing in down dog. I've tried them all, your standard "sticky" mat, a mysore rug, etc. The sticky mat gripped until I got sweaty then it was worthless. The mysore rug needed to be so wet to grip that I ended up sitting on wet spots (not fun). The Black Mat is the only one that works. It grips perfectly and I don't even need the towel under my hands. I also love that it is so thick and dense. It doesn't "follow" me when I jump through, provides plenty of padding for my knees/arms, and is very stable for balancing poses. I even like that it's heavy... it helps tone my arms!

sssd, id