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Amazing Grip in hot yoga class I bought this yoga towel to go over my aging yoga mat, originally for comfort. Which it is - very comfortable. See my first review. Thought I would try during my hot yoga class to see how it performs in a heated environment & it was amazing! The towel did not move, bunch up or wrinkle even during the standing series. Very absorbent and exceptional grip. If you are looking for comfort, absorbtion & added grip to your mat this is the product. Yogatoes excells. A great tool for any level yogi. So many beautiful colrs to choose from - Worth the price.

Soft Material & very comfortable Great for extra comfort ontop of yoga mat. Material is very soft & grips really well. Used during a Yin class - mostly supine & prone (back/stomach) poses.Will test it out for hot yoga to see if it is suitable for standing poses.Suggest you follow wash instructions & if it's a dark colr wash seperate b/c dye does run first 2 washes. All in all I am very pleased with this product.

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Cute and practical Until recently I didn't understand the purpose of these large, mat sized yoga towels. Then I took an afternoon class in August and, yikes, I was slipping all over the place! This towel solved that problem and is also a very cute, perfect "accessory" for my purple yoga mat.

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Yoga towel I just recently bought a yoga towel through this site and love it! I ordered it on a Monday and received it on the Thursday. The towel is great, the "root" color is beautiful. It just makes me happy :) peace. Love and yoga!

maineville, oh

green is a really fun color I have several yogi toes mats and this color is a fun one. It is also a great price so will definitely be buying more soon.

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Yogitoes sunburst towel The function of this towel is great during hot yoga. I have tried doing class before I got it and could not find anything that didn't slip. I wish the color was brighter but it's still pretty. Holds up well in the wash, worth the money.

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This towel is perfect This is a great towel for hot yoga and a very funky color. I love it.

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Great for heated yoga If you slide on your yoga mat due to sweating palms or feet, this is a great solution! Little rubber "nubs" grip your mat to keep it from slipping, and the soft fabric absorbs sweat and helps prevent sliding. At the beginning of your practice when your hands are still dry, you will want to moisten the towel where you hands and feet go, as your hands and feet can slip on the towel when it is dry, but you won't slide when it is moist! I have had mine for four years, and after several washings the color is still true and the little "nubs" are still intact. Great product!

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Happy with the service I've recently ordered an item from Activewear. It has arrived as fast as was promised and met all my expectations. The website is very user friendly. Over all my first experience with Activewear has been a successful one and I recommend it to everyone.

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No more slipping! If you're one of those people with sweaty palms at yoga class, this is the perfect solution! Yogitoes skidless yoga towel keeps your palms dry and the rest of you in position, even when the perspiration is dripping off your chin! I highly recommend the Yogitoes towel.

Yogitoes Yoga Towels

If you are looking for a solution to stop you slipping around on your Yoga mat, look no further than the Yogitoes SKIDLESS PREMIUM. Created just to prevent slipping on your mat while practicing yoga. It's absorbent and puts a hygenic barrier between you and your yoga mat or any exercise equipment. Yogitoes towels are made with 100% eco-friendly silicone nubs. Yogitoes Skidless Mat Towels are made for all types of people practicing yoga. Made to prevent you from slipping.

Use it alone or as a mat cover. Pack it instead of a Yoga mat when you travel.

Yogitoes Skidless Towel Reviews

Yogitoes Reviews

Yogitoes Reviews Yogitoes Skidless Towel Yogitoes Towel Yogitoes Yoga Towels Yoga Towles I just wanted to let you know
I just wanted to let you know I received my Yogitoes on Monday and was able to use it for my Tuesday class. I followed the manufacturer's instructions by washing it twice and letting it airdry before use. I love it. Thank you for your follow-up emails and kindness. I will definitely order from you again and recommend you to my fellow yogis. - By Melanie, OH

Yogitoes Reviews Yogitoes Skidless Towel Yogitoes Towel Yogitoes Yoga Towels Yoga Towles The Perfect Anti Sliding Towel
The Yogitoes Skidless Mat was a great purchase! I bought the Moss towel and I just love it. I don't slip on my mat anymore when my hands get sweaty. The Skidless is a great addition to my yoga practice. And it dries fast after class and coming out of the washing machine. It is best to hang dry it. I highly recommend this mat towel if you sweat a lot in class or if you are taking a heated yoga class. - Jenny, WA

Yogitoes Reviews Yogitoes Skidless Towel Yogitoes Towel Yogitoes Yoga Towels Yoga Towles Great Yoga Towel
I purchased this Yogitoes towel for my hot yoga classes, and it really made a difference. No more slipping & sliding on a sweaty yoga mat. Nice product, well made. I don't quite understand why they are so pricey, but I couldn't find another brand or option that was less expensive, so I got one. I bought the sand one, as some reviews sited that the other colors had a tendency to bleed on your clothing when wet, also when washed. I have had no problems with the sand colored towel. - Sam, MN

Yogitoes Reviews Yogitoes Skidless Towel Yogitoes Towel Yogitoes Yoga Towels Yoga Towles Great Product, Great Service!
I just bought a Yogitoes Towel from and i can say that both the product and the customer service was fantastic. I received the Yogitoes Towel 2 days after i placed the order, super fast! I love the Yogitoes Towel. Firstly, it stopped me slipping all over my mat, i guess that is why they call it "skidless". Secondly, the overall feel of the towel under my toes as opposed to the rubber was so nice. Even though i was in a Yoga studio, it felt like i was at home, because the towel is so soft. Finally, the Yogitoes towel is super absorbent, so it actually pulls the sweat off you as you touch it. In my opinion, it is an absolute necessity for any Yoga makes you sweat, like power yoga or hot yoga. - Jamie, CA

Yogitoes Reviews Yogitoes Skidless Towel Yogitoes Towel Yogitoes Yoga Towels Yoga Towles An absolute must have!
When I practise Bikram or other similar type power yoga in a hot room, I sweat like crazy and find it hard to stay put on my mat. In fact the mat surface becomes very slippery. Yogitoes SKIDLESS towel works really well compared to a regular towel. It is very absorbent and will not bunch up like a regular towel. It is a must have item. - Yogi, FL

Yogitoes Reviews Yogitoes Skidless Towel Yogitoes Towel Yogitoes Yoga Towels Yoga Towles Yogitoes Towel changes your practice!
For nearly a year I have been practicing Hatha yoga. Everyone seemed to have these Yogitoes towels but I didn't really appreciate how great they are! If you sweat a lot during your class, you slip on your mat - this towel eliminates that hassle and allows you to practice and sweat without a problem. Another added bonus is that your mat stays clean. Even if you have an old mat, I am sure you are better off as the life of your mat is extended by buying a yogitoes skidless towel. Throw them in the wash and it's that easy. It air dries very fast so there is no need to put it in the dryer. There is NO drawback to this product - Yogitoes rocks! - Limor, NC

Yogitoes Reviews Yogitoes Skidless Towel Yogitoes Towel Yogitoes Yoga Towels Yoga Towles Love Yogitoes Yoga Towel
The Yogitoes Yoga towel is a great product. it helps with a little extra traction during power yoga. It provides some extra cushioning, and completely covers the mat. I also use it during Bikram (hot) yoga instead of a towel, and it's great. It stay nice and smooth because of the little nubbly things, and of course - the most important thing - it's machine washable. I washed it seperately for awhile, because the directions said that the colors could run, but after a few weeks I started washing it with regular clothes and it's fine. It's a pleasure to use! - Shelly, AZ

Yogitoes Reviews Yogitoes Skidless Towel Yogitoes Towel Yogitoes Yoga Towels Yoga Towles Worth the money
I was a little skeptical of buying this at first because I wasn't sure if it would work, would it really stop me from sliding around during hot yoga? - I had been using a regular towel for a while but it wasn't helping - Yogitoes Yoga towels are amazing and now I don't slide around at all anymore - I even bought one for my friend and she loves it too. Be aware that the lighter colors show dirt more - obviously it washes out but it's visible during class. Definitely worth the money! - Joan, AL

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