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Latest Reviews for prAna

Parana Chakara Top I really love this top. It has a bra built into the shirt. I am a large chested lady and the built in bra works great - good support. I may not go running in the top but it hold up great for everything I have put it through at the gym! The straps get a bit bunched up and do not lay flat. They are difficult to get flattened out. However, even if the straps are bunched up they are comfortable so it does not bother me. I would buy a this top again!

overland park, ks

great yoga top! very happy, flattering and fits well. Would certainly recommend.

prince george, bc

Prana Qinn Chakara Top I have been doing hot yoga for 2 yrs. now and by far this is the best top I own I do not have to adjust myself moving from pose to pose. I am now going to order another one.

Perfect! This top is beautiful, it looks good, feels soft and supportive. It makes my yoga just a little more perfect.

bremerton, wa

A wonderful hoodie jacket Bought it for the color, wearing it for the joy! Both a nice fit and a great range of usage - it fits my short skirts as good as classic jeans!

ActivewearUSA charlotte, nc

Lanie Jacket Really love the look of this jacket. It does run small and you will not be able to wear anything bulky underneath.

durham, ca

Prana Quinn Top Love this top! I bought the berry color, it's bright and cheerful. I like that it has a built in bra and is really comfortable.

durham, ca

Julz Hoodie Love the pretty blue colors. Looks even better than the picture! Would suggest ordering a larger size if you want to layer, since the sleeves are a little tight. I wear for cross fit training. Love it!!

durham, ca

Rapture Hoodie Love it! I wear a short sleeve top underneath for cross fit training. The top is light enough to not get overheated. would suggest ordering a larger size if you want to layer.

durham, ca

Super Sweet This Prana Lotus long sleeve tee is just what I hoped I ordered. A cute, fun, and comfortable shirt to wear on an early Valentine lunch date with my better half.


prAna at!

Not a lot of companies still have their original employees on staff nearly 20 years later. Not a lot of companies still live by their original intention after they've grown considerably in size and popularity. But not a lot of companies are Prana.

When a business names itself after an ancient Sanskrit word for breath, life and vitality of the spirit, it sets itself up for vibrant aspirations. PrAna's founders worked hard to create what they now call 'functional apparel for the unconventional spirit' and what buyers call 'women's clothing that looks and feels beautiful.' What began as a garage-based business that shipped product in surplus fruit boxes with handmade, recycled paper hangtags to its customers evolved into an inspirational, worldwide apparel company.

Style meets purpose in prAna's clothing for women, evident in women's tops like the Quinn Chakara Top. Its technical fabric is sensible and quick drying while the distinctive, lightly ruched scoop neck design is figure flattering. A racerback double strap highlights a woman's shoulders, strong from a regular yoga practice. The internal shelf bra allows for downward dog and trailside trekking. It's durable, made to withstand the rigors of any fitness activity.

PrAna takes pride in creating purposeful garments designed for freedom of movement. That's evident in the Audrey Pant, a soft, stretch pant made for mindbody practice. Fitted, shape retaining and constructed for a secure fit, these pants do well in the yoga studio, on the gym floor or kicking around with the family.

PrAna women's bottoms, tops and accessories are created for the women who needs versatile fitness apparel to suit her many activities. They also speak to a women's desire to instill positive change in the world. As such, prAna has partnered with Fair Trade USA and supports the Fair Trade Certified Apparel and Linens pilot. All the products prAna puts out work towards the mission of preserving nature, reducing environmental harm and supporting the people who make it.

As prAna continues to bring fresh products to the creative people who wear them, it evolves organically. The community of people who wear prAna clothing loves the outdoors, they are artists or athletes and long to live in an environmentally and socially minded society. It is for these people that prAna creates women's clothing and accessories that offers the ultimate in performance, fit and comfort. Sustainable, functional apparel made the right way. That's prAna.