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You have a wardrobe packed with gorgeous outfits to wear in the office and for nights out, but what do you wear to workout? If you've fallen into the habit of shrugging on a pair of saggy sweat pants and a baggy t-shirt, then it's time to make some resolutions to upgrade your fitness apparel.

The latest womens activewear is designed to bring style, elegance and personality to your workout routine, while offering a sporty high performance fit for superior function. At, you'll find the most complete selection of fitness clothing, including sexy workout clothes which have a flirty and feminine style that you'll have great fun wearing. specialize in exercise and fitness fashion, hand-picking each and every one of their brands - which number more than 50 in total - in order to offer the best selection of sexy workout clothes for women. Just a brief browse through the extensive workout gear and accessories available will inspire and motivate you, breathing new life into your workout style.

Sourced from across the globe, sexy workout clothes brands include high energy Brazilian fitness clothes experts Bia Brazil, Equilibrium Activewear, VATA Brasil and Nina Bucci, and sheer elegance from RESE Activewear. Different from your typical athletic gear, which can take on a somewhat masculine look, have chosen a range of sports apparel which maintains a feminine style while providing everything you expect from quality workout clothing: stretch, sweat wicking, comfort and much more.

As you discover the sexy workout wear selection at, you'll notice the time and care that has gone into the design of each garment. Contour seaming, hidden pockets, tummy flattening waistbands, built-in bras and other little details ensure that when you are on the move, you'll enjoy maximum comfort as well as stand out style. The exciting range of glamorous gym wear offers something for everyone, whether you prefer to strut your stuff in vibrant Brazilian yoga attire or make your mark in slinky and seductive running clothes.

And the most fabulous thing about the sexy fitness clothes at Many of the styles are chic enough to take you throughout the day. So, if you start the morning with a jog to work, save valuable time by slipping on a smart, breathable tank top that will keep you cool when you are on the move and in the office. Or if you've got to pick the kids up from school directly after your yoga session - snuggle into one of our cover-ups for a look doesn't scream "I've just been to the gym!".

Whether you are shopping for sports bras, halter-neck tops, hooded sweatshirts or jeggings, you'll find the perfect look for you at