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NUX Zoe Bra


Stylish Activewear - We've got a lot of it!

It's about time. Stylish activewear has made its way out of the gyms and into everyday living. Brands today design flattering workout clothes suitable for the health club, the spa and even traveling. They must have finally realized what we've known forever - women's lives are hectic and whatever makes life easier is a must. That includes finding clothing that transitions from workouts to the real world.

Stylish Activewear At the Gym

Why should you care what you wear to the health club when you're just going to sweat it all up? The real question is, why shouldn't you? Sure you want to look great because you never know who you'll run into, but you also want to look good for yourself. Going to workout is a lot more fun when you feel fabulous rather than frumpy.

Check out ION Actif's Fitted Jean Pants for the ultimate in stylish activewear pants. Super cute cut meets soft, breathable fabrics in these casual workout pants. Contrasting seam and pocket stitching mimic the look of denim jeans while the fit shows off your natural curves comfortably. It's impossible not to get a fun workout in these hip jean pants. Consider pairing them up with ION Actif's Long Tee for an elegant look that moves neatly from the gym to the café. The longer length falls below the hips and complement the fitted form of the jean pants. With its short sleeves and soft gathering at the waistline, this top can make an appearance nearly everywhere.

Stylish Activewear On the Go

Gone are the days that business suits and heels were required travel wear. The modern traveling woman prefers stylish activewear to get from point A to point B. This doesn't mean she wants to look sloppy in sweats; rather, she chooses to be fashionably comfortable. Zobha's Crewneck Tunic is a great example of a beautifully cut tunic top that's easy to wear. Its longer length provides coverage for when you're reaching up to grab your suitcase and the ruching at waistline makes you look fabulous while doing it. Perfect for driving or flying, this tunic top flatters every shape.

Airports and hotel tend to be chilly. Keep warm in I am Beyond's Curve Jacket. Tailored to fit the female form perfectly. The Curve Jacket has a longer cut for full covereage. Those curved contour seams on the front and back of the body not only provide a flexible fit, they're also feminine and flattering. You'll look neat and chic between terminals.

Stylish Activewear About Town

Bluefish's Beaded Top technically falls under stylish activewear, but we think it translates perfectly to everyday living. This high fashion tank tape accentuates your curves with an asymmetrical strap that ties on one shoulder. Combine that detail with sassy slashes and elegant beading and you've got yourself a top worthy of dinner out on the town. Prefer to keep it in the club? Pair it up with its matching Capri pants and you'll want to stand front and center in your yoga class.

It's NUX USA Passon U-Keyhole Tank that will become your "go-to" top on those days that find you dashing from the treadmill to grocery store without a minute to spare. Playful and fun, this tank has a sensible built in shelf bra for support and a pretty jacquard pattern for aesthetics. Since it comes in so many colors, you'll need at least one in your closet, but every color will go nicely with MPG's Sports Sway pants. These pants offer a relaxed look in a semi-fitted style. Even if you don't quite make it to the gym, you'll still look fashionable and sporty. A draw-cord waistband and false front pockets give these pants a head start in the race to find stylish activewear.

You can find all of these pieces and more at, where you'll discover fashionable and functional workout clothing for all shapes, sizes and price points!